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DIY Scollop Oyster Shell Yemaya Candles Using Coconut Oil

How to make your own oysters shell and Scollop shell coconut reusable Candles at home. I've named these gorgeous shell candles Yemaya in honour of the African mermaid goddess / spirit due to the sea shells and decor. 

Disclaimer - As with all candles please don't leave unsupervised incase of a fire. In this tutorial we use coconut oil which maybe more flammable. Do not allow children to play with candles or fire. Supervise at all times. Ensure curtains and other flammable odjects are out of the way when burning candles.

What You Will Need 
Large Oyster and / or Scollop shells
A Jar Of Coconut Oil (set but left in a warm area so it is workable)
Some large candle wicks
A butter knife spatula or use your your hands.       

A cloth 
Candle tray (I got mine from TK MAXX)
Small shells / beads / coins for decoration (don't use plastic!)

What to Do / Method 
- Wash and dry your shells
-Measure your wick by placing it length ways in the shell.
-  Cut the wick about 6cms above the shell
- …

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